This form is to be completed by Kalamazoo College students and alumni who previously applied to medical or dental school through HSAC and were not accepted, and wish to apply again for the 2022-2023 application cycle. HSAC will submit your composite letter and individual letters once again, along with an addendum letter and updated/new letters or recommendation that highlight the steps that you have taken to become a more competitive applicant.

Reapplicants must meet the requirements for a committee letter and secure at least one new letter of recommendation from someone with whom they have worked since the previous application, although some professional schools may require additional updated letters.

The deadline for notifying HSAC of your request for reapplication is March 1, 2022 for 2023 matriculation — that is, you must have completed the Intent to Apply Form. If we do not hear from you by then, we can send your prior committee packet and additional letters to your health professions schools, with a cover sheet that states that you did not meet the requirements to receive an addendum to your committee letter.

Please remember that the deadline for HSAC to receive at least one updated letters on your behalf to be included with your committee letter is June 1st.