Inter-Institutional Enrollment

If the program you are preparing for has prerequisites that K College doesn’t offer, most commonly human anatomy and physiology, you may take them at Western Michigan University under our inter-institutional enrollment arrangement with them. The Registrar’s office can help you with the proper procedure and forms. You must be registered for an on-campus quarter and this would be considered as part of your normal course load. This is done on a space-available basis so plan ahead and make your arrangements early. The cost is included in your K tuition and the grades will appear on your K transcript and be calculated into your K GPA.

Michigan Guest Student Enrollment

If you wish to take a class during a period in which you are not enrolled at K College, i.e. during the summer, you may arrange to take classes at another Michigan college or university. These credits are treated as a transfer and you must obtain pre-approval from the program or department if the class is used to fulfill a major, minor or concentration requirement. The student assumes responsibility for the associated tuition and fees. The forms may be obtained from the Registrar’s office.