Volunteer Opportunities

On Campus

  • Campus Community Partnership—contact Alison Geist at Alison.Geist@kzoo.edu for information and volunteer opportunities.
  • Peer Health Educators program—Health and wellness education utilizing peers as educators.


Bronson Hospital

  • Bronson Hospital pediatric hematology/oncology clinics need Spanish interpreters. Contact Alison Geist at Alison.Geist@kzoo.edu for more information.
  • Bronson Hospital—Downtown Kalamazoo. Opportunities vary and may require training. Phone: 269.341.7654.

Borgess Hospital

  • Borgess Hospital—East side of Kalamazoo (transportation required). Opportunities vary and may require training. Phone: 269.226.4882.

Grace Hospice Direct Care

  • Grace Hospice Direct Care Volunteer—Volunteers complete a background check (always at their expense) and participate in ten hours of training (in a small group or even one-on-one) that will leave the volunteer with insight and knowledge to perform their work with confidence. For more information or to become a Hospice volunteer contact Kevin Brintnall at: (888) 937.4390 or by email at kbrintnall@ghospice.com.

Vineyard Outreach Ministry

  • Vineyard Outreach Ministry—A variety of activities for the residents of the Vine Street neighborhood and their children. Phone: 269.349.3323; email: vinoutmn@iserv.net.

Volunteer Center of Kalamazoo

  • Volunteer Center of Kalamazoo—Many local volunteer opportunities.

Other Opportunities