Refreshing the Premed Competencies

The premed competencies which were formerly known as the core competencies for entering medical students have been updated through a joint effort between the AAMC and members of the academic medicine community to reflect current and future expectations for new medical students.

The premed competencies continue to cover a broad range of professional, science, and thinking and reasoning competencies. In addition to knowledge of science, aspiring physicians need to understand different perspectives, engage in self-reflection, demonstrate humility, and have a desire to grow and learn. The premed competencies serve as a roadmap for students as they prepare to succeed in medical school.

Medical school admissions committees will begin using the updated premed competencies in the 2024-2025 application cycle to evaluate applicants’ readiness for medical school through a holistic review of each application. The AAMC also continues to offer resources to support prehealth advisors and students as they prepare in these areas and demonstrate them on their medical school application.