Kalamazoo College’s Careers in Health and Medicine office assists and supports students as they explore health and medicine graduate and professional programs. Individuals interested in pursuing careers in these areas are encouraged to examine this website to determine the necessary prerequisites and application timeline as well as meet with the director to consider strengths and areas for opportunity, reflect on readiness to apply, and navigate the application process. The Careers in Health and Medicine office supports students and alumni until they are ready to apply to their chosen graduate and/or professional program. 

During the year this office offers:

  • Pre-health sessions and workshops that provide opportunities to help students explore health careers, learn about holistic development, hear tips on becoming a competitive applicant, and prepare for the application cycle.
  • One-on-one advising sessions where students:
    • are connected with the appropriate resources,
    • can explore careers in healthcare,
    • can determine the right courses to take, and
    • discuss how to find meaningful academic and extracurricular activities.




Assist students in exploring various careers in health and medicine to determine the right fit through programs, advising, and reflection.

person writing a plan


Help students to determine readiness to apply by having them reflect on their experiences and competencies.

person typing on computer


Support students and provide resources as they apply to their chosen professional or graduate program.


VISION: To demonstrate the highest standards of service to students and alumni in holistic planning towards a career in health and medicine and encouraging self-reflection regarding competencies needed for professionals in these fields. The office aims to enhance collaborations with faculty, alumni, graduate and professional schools, as well as service and health related organizations to prepare future health and medicine professionals.

MISSION: To provide programs and guidance with the highest standards of service for Kalamazoo College students and alumni. The office provides a supportive environment where students and alumni are encouraged to thrive academically and recognize how their academics and co-curricular activities such as research, service and clinical interactions translate to careers in health and medicine.

The mission of the Careers in Health and Medicine office supports the overall values of Kalamazoo College. Particularly the components of the liberal arts education embodied in the K-Plan, which nurtures careers in health and medicine through an academically rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum encouraging scientific exploration, humanistic inquiry, and experiential opportunities.

WHO WE SERVE: The Careers in Health and Medicine office serves undergraduates and alumni of Kalamazoo College who are seeking careers in health and medicine. This office is a resource throughout a student’s undergraduate career, providing information about course selection, volunteer involvement, health related experiences as well as exploring growth year opportunities. Undergraduates and alumni who are pursuing careers in health and medicine have access to all of the services provided by this office, but those applying to professions other than medicine and dentistry (e.g., nursing, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and public health) do not require a Health Sciences Advisory Committee Letter.