Effective fall 2022, the Careers in Health and Medicine Office will host App Prep Program (APP). APP is an information/workshop series that will cover many of the topics needed to prepare your professional health application in a timely manner. All applicants planning to matriculate to ANY health professional school or program in 2025 are highly encouraged to attend

Registration for APP starting in fall 2023 will open Sept. 11, 2023 and close on October 20, 2023.


After careful and thoughtful consideration, it was decided that APP will take the place of the Health Sciences Advisory Committee (HSAC). As a result, Health Science Advisory Committee letters of evaluation (ie: the committee letter) will no longer be offered for applicants applying for the 2023-2024 cycle and beyond. 

The decision to no longer offer committee letters was:

  • driven by data,
  • literature,
  • viewed from a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens, and
  • took into consideration the pros and cons for applicants

As a result of these changes, applicants (current students and alumni) to any health professional program have access to the APP information/workshop series, applicant resources, and ALL applicants may take advantage of the Letter Collection Service if accepted by your designated Centralized Application Service (CAS).

We look forward to helping you navigate the process of applying to and getting accepted to health professional school! To determine your next steps in the APP process, please select where you are in the application process.

New Applicants

Applicants who have never attended APP (formerly known as HSAC) sessions.

Continuing Applicants

Attended the prior APP (formerly known as HSAC) sessions, gathered and submitted materials, and had a Pre-Application Interview (PAI) in a prior year but never applied through the application service, nor completed the process of having your materials sent to health professional schools.


Applicants that previously applied to a professional health program and were not accepted, and wish to apply again.