2024 AAMC Virtual Medical School Fair

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) invites you to attend the Virtual Medical School Fair, April 10-12.

Here are five reasons to attend the fair:

  • The three-day format will feature three days of invaluable opportunities for you to connect with experts to help you prepare to apply to medical school
    • Wednesday, April 10: Attend live information sessions with Q&A’s on topics related to applying for, attending, and financing medical school
    • Thursday, April 11: Live chat with representatives from medical schools across the United States
    • Friday, April 12: Engage with representatives from post baccalaureate and special master’s programs to ask about their admission requirements, advising services, and medical school acceptance rates
  • Narrow down your list by speaking directly with medical school admissions representatives
  • Learn from the experiences of current medical students
  • Gain valuable insights into the medical school application process, financial aid, the MCAT® exam, the AMCAS® application, the SHPEP program, and more.
  • Your FREE registration includes a 15% discount* on a 1-or 2-year subscription to the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR®) website

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